Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two things you should know about me.

1.  I like baking.

2.  And drinking craft beer.

Sometimes simultaneously.

I consider baked goods and beer to be two of the greatest joys in life.  There's one to please every palate, they're super fun to make and most of all, they taste even better when shared with others.

Which brings us here.  To my humble little blog.

I'll share my baking/brewing experiences and beer reviews, as well as learn new techniques, recipes and beer suggestions from you.  I have a weakness for breakfast goodies (might explain the slight muffin top I'm rocking in my work pants today) but am always looking for all types of sweets recipes.  Once a week, I'll pick one of your recipes and showcase it on the blog, along with a beer pairing.  So hook it up, my flour children.

Before you get too comfortable, I should mention that I have a slight (or severe) obsession with puns.  I've been known to cross over into "Dad joke" territory.  You've been warned.

Fasten your apron strings.  It's going to be a burpy ride.

(I told you.)


  1. Woo Hoo. I'm here. So far so good. Love it! =)

  2. Thanks for adding to the long lists of blogs I read!!
    Love it!!

  3. Dang it!!! That was supposed to be me! Not Randy!

  4. Hi sugarcube. Congrats on TBSW!! So clever, so cute. Makes me want to eat a white chocolate-cranberry biscotti and wash it down with a Simon beer! You totally busted a cap in that a$$!


  5. I'm a blog newbie to say the least. And what a way to start! Aww Ali, I love it already & I'm looking forward to reading many more. :)

    -Flour child #2 xoxo

  6. This is awesome. Great idea, Ali.

    I'm not much of a baker but I've got a couple good bread recipes (most of which involve beer). I'll be sure to share a few with you.

  7. The Bronx is on board and ready to "follow". I'll keep it at that since my niece knows all too well that I can ramble. Suffice it to say that 'TBSTTW' is yet another example of why I'm such a huge fan of my beloved Hitoi. *fist bump*

  8. Ali! I love your blog. Your humor comes out in your writing and it's super entertaining. I can't wait to see what's to come!