Friday, February 5, 2010

Sugared Cinema: Lucas

This Sunday, thousands of devout football fans will make their annual pilgrimage to the Land of the Pigskin.  Where the queso dip flows like purified water, the streets are lined with corn chips in every size, shape and color and the flickering glow of a flat screen tv illuminates every bar, living room and man cave alike.

I, on the other hand, will not be participating.  I'm one of those odd creatures that doesn't get into the whole football thing.  The most football I've ever watched in my life was when I was a cheerleader in high school and even then I didn't know what the hell was going on.

You know what I do like, though?  Football movies!  The intensity!  The character who struggles with morality and the repercussions of fame!  The inevitable final second scoring opportunity that yields favorable results about 97% of the time!

It's the stuff athletic scholarships are made of.

Today's Sugared Cinema is dedicated to my all-time favorite football movie:  Lucas.

Starring a pre-pubescent Corey Haim, Kerri Green (remember her?  She was in the Goonies and uh...I think that's it) and a clean cut, clean-mouthed Charlie Sheen. 

The story goes like this:

Boy genius befriends new girl.
Girl starts to date football captain.
Girl disses boy genius when he attempts to kiss her.
Boy genius tries to win girl's affections by trying out for the football team.

It's all very sweet.  Much like these Oreo Truffles.

Thank you, Bakerella and Kraft, for the inspiration.

Here's what you'll need:


1 package of Oreos
1 8 ounce package of cream cheese, softened
dipping chocolate or candy melts (you can buy these at any craft store)

These are a cinch to put together.  Because that's how game day food should be:  cinchy.

Finely crush the oreos until they look like potting soil (yum!):


Mix in softened cream cheese until blended.

Form mixture into mini footballs.  Try to resist tossing them at your cat.


Dip footballs in milk chocolate and let dry.  Pipe white icing laces onto the footballs and allow to dry. 

How cute are these?

I wonder if dudes talk about their chicken wings like that.  Yeah, I'm sure they do.

All that's missing?  A crisp, golden pilsner.

 Sam Adams Noble Pils.  My beer-aficianado-in-training sister tipped me off about this beer (hi Michele!)



Thanks Mike.

Enjoy, kids.  May the team with the cooler-looking uniforms win.


  1. "Try to resist tossing them at your cat" :snicker:

    Sorry I'm a week late but I <3 Lucas, if only for Winona Ryder's two scenes.

  2. I'm not a fan of watching sports either. Watching the cheerleaders in the most fun part for me. I didn't know that you were a cheerleader. That's cute.