Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How do I love Spring?

Let me list the ways.

Cheap Old Navy flip flops.
Longer days.
Farmer's Markets.
Canned beer.
New season of Dancing With th...

...what?  Yes, canned beer.


Now, I know what you're thinking.  "Ali, you should really consider a career in Awesome and Totally Realistic Drawings."

You're also probably thinking that any beer that comes cylindrically packaged in aluminum is weak-bodied, virtually colorless and tastes like Reynold's wrap.

Any preconceptions you have about canned beer will be immediately shattered upon sipping your first Oskar Blues beer.  The brewery uses specially lined cans that keep the goods inside fresh, yummy and free of any metallic aftertaste.

Still not convinced?

Highly portable, unbreakable cans enable craft beer lovers to easily enjoy great beer in places where glass bottles are not welcome or allowed: the beach, pool, boat, trail, river, slope, tub, golf course, backpack and others.

The TUB, for crying out loud.

I wanna hang with those guys.

Oskar Blues currently offers five canned beers, ready and waiting for your eager consumption: Ten Fidy Imperial Stout, Old Chub Scottish Ale, Gordon double red ale, Mama's Little Yella Pils (not shown) and, the beer that made believers out of the naysayers, Dale's Pale Ale.

Incredible, all of them.

Spring is about lightening the load.  Shed your winter coat, store away the extra blankets and try going canned for a change.

Be right back.  I think I hear Pixar calling.


  1. Liam has had this stocked in the fridge for a while now, but I have never tasted it because of exactly the prejudices you pointed out. Perhaps now I will take a little sippy sip.

    and btw, nicole sherzinger or even lysaczeck will with dwts this season. I am sure of it.

  2. Yeah Dale's particularly is pretty much a standard session beer for me.

    Though on the topic of cans, I think I like the 21st Amendment stuff just a *smidge* better. But that could be because I can't find it as easily.

  3. Liam - have you tried Gordon yet? It's REALLY good, up there with the other big DIPAs. A bit pricey but worth trying if you score a fresh one.

    Amanda - I'll second Nicole/Derek. They're going to the force to be reckoned with. And I'll admit, I'm curious to see what Kate Gosselin can do...

  4. Best canned brewskis I've ever had. Gordon is a warm, cuddly monster and all his friends are pretty swell, too.

    Liam, wait until Gubna hits this area. Their first "official" double IPA, brewed and dry-hopped using only Summit hops (big citrus aroma and flavor). Not that 21st isn't a decent brewery, but the addition of Gubna to Oskar Blues makes it hard for anybody (in cans) to compete.

  5. I'm not sure what state your in, but here in CO we have New Belgium Brewery with produces the yummiest craft brews I've tried (even at the great american beer fest, they were still my favorite!) The best one IMHO is Fat Tire it's an amber ale that's malty and delicious and sold in cans! Perfect for camping!

    Yes, you made me so excited about spring with this post, although, we are probably still a month away at least here.

  6. Jessi. You are one lucky gal. And I am one jealous girl. You come from a land of great beer (Great Divide!)

    Unfortunately, they don't distribute New Belgium in my area :( I've had their 1554 black ale, which was great, but I'll have to wait until I take a trip outside of VA to sample the others...

  7. I want to try canned bacon..


    I hear great things! And apparently it can keep for YEARS.

  8. LOL Bryan.

    Mike, I still have only had Dale's when it comes to Oskar Blues, so I realize I haven't really given them a fair shake just yet.

    I'll be anxiously keeping my eyes peeled for the DIPA for sure, though.

  9. Oh Ali, 1554 is one of their best! If you ever come to Colorado you must do the free brewery tour they offer. You get to try 7 or 8 of their regular drafts before the tour, and then on the tour they let you sample some pretty off the wall types that they do for fun, it's amazing! Yep, we love our microbrews here!

  10. Welcome To The Foodie Blogroll!

    That ladybug is cracking me up. Enjoy your trip to NYC.

  11. Ten Fidy is frigg'n ridiculous. That stuff is like used motor oil.

  12. Spring is the greatest time of the year. Will next to summer. Summer is even better in my books.