Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good news and a giveaway!

1.  Grab a pair of scissors and a piece of scrap paper.

2.  Cut it up into small pieces.

And now you have confetti.

A few things worth throwing it for:

1.  My good friend and fellow foodie Liam started a fantastic new food blog, My So-Called Knife.  It follows his culinary adventures in and outside of the kitchen, with the focus being on local, seasonal and homegrown food.  It's informative, creative and will inspire you to be a better, more knowledgeable food consumer.  Plus, the name absolutely rules.

2.  My parents celebrated 40 years of smittendom on Sunday.  Would you believe that they still hold hands up to this day?  Their marriage symbolizes the kind of relationship I hope to have with Berry White in 40 years.  Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

3.  And finally, a very special and highly-anticipated event is happening this Friday.  Something huge.  Something monumental.  Something MAD.

To celebrate all of the happy news and because I'm in such an eerily chipper mood so early in the week, I'm giving away a $25 Fandango movie gift card to one lucky soul (just in case you and a very special someone want to attend that very special event mentioned in #3.)

How to win?  Answer the following:

What is your favorite Tim Burton movie?

Leave your answer in the Comments section.  The contest ends on Thursday at 6pm EST has ended.  Pencils down.  The winner will be selected at random and announced in Friday's Sugared Cinema post.

Man.  There are so many good ones to choose from.  Having to pick just one is like being forced to pick a favorite Hall & Oates song.  It's almost impossible.  I feel cruel for even asking.

Good luck, friends!

(Tossing of receipt confetti optional.)


  1. Oh wow. I didn't realize it was coming out this Friday.

    Nightmare Before Christmas gets the win for me.

  2. Squee I'm so excited for Alice!!!

    My favorite would be Edward Scissorhands... with PeeWee coming in right behind it (which I didn't realize peewee's big adventure was a tim burton movie... hmm.

  3. Edward Scissorhands with Nighmare before Christmas and Sweeny Tood close behind ...

  4. Oh man just one?
    When I was a kid : Beetlejuice!
    When I grew up: Big Fish

  5. i liked Ed Wood...

  6. So wait, does this mean there's actually one *correct* answer?

    "There's a man, in the world, he's a great big twit"
    "And if it's a great movie, he may have written it"
    "Though some of his work is total shit"
    "...and he goes by the name of... Bur-ton."


    PS - thanks for the mention, Ali =)

  7. Of course it has to be Beetlejuice!!

  8. Edward Scissorhands for me.
    Good luck Anonymous, but I feel lucky.

  9. I'm going to have to put Batman (original) at the top of the list, with Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice hot on it's tails.

    But I'm guessing I'm not eligible since I'm Three Baking Sheet's room/lifemate.

  10. Gonna have to say PeeWee's Big Adventure just because I still piss my pants every time I alone in the dark and think of the word "Large Marge"


  11. I would have to say Edward Scissorhands or Big Fish...after this week I am sure it will be Alice In Wonderland.



  13. I think I have to go with Sweeney Todd. Such a tough choice though. I think Edward scissor hands is a close second... not sure though... maybe nightmare before Christmas...? AHHH this is hard.

    Also, I'm glad you like Liam's blog title. I will go ahead and take credit for it (among many other awesome reject names - I was on a role trying to channel your clever knack for that sort of thing at the time).

    Although, Liam didn't pick the one I really loved (and I think you would have appreciated it as well...) "Edward Cullinary"

  14. Man that's a hard question! I LOVE Big Fish, but I have to say, Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite because my mom sister and I watched it every halloween AND every Christmas when we were younger and it's what got me into TB in the first place :)