Friday, June 18, 2010

Sugared Cinema: Punch-Drunk Love

Healthy Choice and American Airlines got together and put this promotion: If you buy any 10 Healthy Choice products, they will reward you with 500 frequent flier miles; with this special coupon, they'll up it to 1,000 miles.  So, I think they are trying to push their teriyaki chicken which is $1.79, but I went to the supermarket and I looked around and I saw that they had pudding... for 25¢ a cup... comes in packages of four.  But insanely...the barcodes...are on the individual cups!  So, quarter a cup, say you bought $2.50 worth.  That's worth 500...with the coupon it's 1,000 miles.  It's a marketing mistake but I'm taking advantage of it.  If you were to spend $3,000, that would get you a million frequent flier miles.  You would never have to pay for a ticket the rest of your life.

Punch-Drunk Love is a classic love story:

Shy boy with repressed anger meets mysterious girl.  Girl is injured after phone sex operator sends henchmen to ram car.  Boy lays beatdown on henchmen then drives to Utah to speak with phone sex supervisor.  Boy and girl fall in love and travel for free using pudding miles.

It all makes perfect sense, really.

Adam Sandler is one of those actors you either love or hate.  Between The Wedding Singer, Spanglish, Reign Over Me and this movie, I'd say he's done a swell job at transitioning from his alma mater, SNL.  He is SO much more than just a Waterboy.

Sooo, after last month's casualty, I decided to give pudding one more try using a Scharffen Berger recipe.  If it didn't turn out, the recipe was going for a ride through the shredder and I would just have to stick to Bill Cosby and his Jell-O cups and his terrible sweaters.

Guess what?  It worked.

A quick heads up:  the directions listed on their site tell you to stir in the milk and chocolate at the same time.  This is incorrect.  If you follow the steps I walk you through below, it'll all work out. 

Chocolate Pudding
Recipe by Scharffen Berger

Here's what you'll need:

4 Tablespoons cornstarch
2/3 cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
3 cups whole milk
4 ounces Scharffen Berger 70% bittersweet chocolate, chopped
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

In a double boiler, combine cornstarch, sugar and salt.

Slowly stir in the milk.

Let the mixture heat up for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally so that it doesn't stick to the bottom of the bowl.

Once the pudding has thickened, stir in all of the chocolate shards.

Parting is such decadent, bittersweet sorrow.

Stir and continue cooking for another 4-5 minutes.

Remove from heat then add the vanilla.

I was feeling ballsy (or lazy) and said to heck with a measuring spoon.

If you like your pudding extra smooth, pour it through a strainer before ladling it into bowls or cups.

Cover the pudding with plastic wrap unless you like yours to have that congealed "skin" on top.  I prefer mine sans skin but I could go either way.  I just wish there was a more appetizing way to describe it.  Because "skin" is just gross.

Refrigerate the pudding until it's cool, set or until you lose your patience.

THANK you.  Finally.

In last month's pudding attempt post, a few people commented on how good the Scharffen Berger recipe turned out for them.  They weren't kidding.  It's fantastic.

Plain, dolloped with whipped cream or, better yet, topped with some fresh berries.  Doll it up (or not at all) and enjoy.

You can go to places in the world with pudding. That's funny.


  1. I've made Ina's chocolate pudding with great success. But maybe there is room in my world for a second pudding recipe? I do lurv me some Scharffen Berger.

  2. Ali...this sounds so delish, i almost want to leave work to go make it! You're blogs are so inspiring!!! Thanks for being here babes!

  3. Wow, Ali, these look amazing and so, so yummy! If I close my eyes, I can almost feel the pudding hitting my tongue.

  4. I love this movie! It's so quirky and fun. Oh, and the pudding looks delicious, too! Thanks for following my blog, Ali!

  5. Wendi - Ina has never led me astray. Now that my pudding confidence has been restored, I'm open to other recipes...

    Kim - thanks lady! I'm glad your cupcakes turned out so well <3

    Margie - pudding is definitely a sensory food for me. The consistency was perfect. I wonder if I could freeze it and make pops?

    Taylor - such a great movie. I need to watch it again, it's been awhile. Have a safe trip :D

  6. I've actually never seen this movie. I suppose maybe I should.

    I remember before Adam Sandler had done any big movies or anything, he put out a CD. I first heard Lunchlady Land on HFS when I was up way past my bedtime one night. Of course I had to have the CD. It had the explicit sticker on it so it took all kinds of planning. And then of course once it was owned it had to be kept secret from all authority figures... but man, all those fucks and shits and balls and dicks and penises and farts - it was all worth it. I knew then and there that this guy was gonna go far.

  7. then the liver & onions
    started joining the fight
    and the chocolate pudding
    pushed me with all its might

    Interesting. The pudding connection goes back even further..

  8. i am shamed buying hubby tiny 100 calorie chocolate puddings while ya'll are discussing pudding recipes :(

    ps i don't remember much about punch drunk love but i thought it was cute from what i do recall.

  9. Homemade chocolate pudding is always better then store brought. At least to me.