Friday, July 9, 2010

Holiday Road.

I found out long ago
(ohhhhh ohhhhh)
it's a long way down the holiday road
(ohhhhh ohhhhh)

Today, my very cool mom-in-law, Berry White and I are heading down to the grand old Tar Heel state.  North Carolina! 

I could have thrown together a Sugared Cinema post between packing breaks but I decided against it for three reasons:  

1.  I don't like to half-ass my posts.

2.  You, as a reader of this weekly mish mash of grammatical errors, failed pudding attempts and cat pics, deserve more than that.

3.  The most dangerous time in a husband's life is the 24 hour period prior to him and his wife leaving for vacation.  I didn't want to put Mike's life at risk by juggling another task that would require my full attention.

While I'm down south working on my sea legs, I invite you to take a peek at my good friend Liam's blog, My So-Called Knife.

Our friend, Hyun, is this week's guest poster and she's featuring three recipes that you'll definitely want to add to your binder or iPhone, depending on how advanced your organization system is.  Special shout out to our friend Bryan's photography skills.

(We're one big happy friendamily!)

I'll see you guys next week, revitalized, refreshed and hopefully with a tan similar to a gingerbread cookie.

Carpe weekend.


  1. I was just talking to the BNC about the Griswold movies. Ah, classics. I used to have such a crush on Lindsay Buckingham and loved that he sang the song.

    I want to be on Pig in a Poke and visit Wallyworld!

    Have an awesome trip!

  2. Hope you had a great trip - thanks for the love =)