Friday, August 20, 2010

Bad news. Good news.

I never understood why anyone would want to start with the good news.  Rip off that Band-Aid, man!

Well, I didn't make the Cake Boss cut.  Yep, got the email yesterday before I left work.  I guess it just wasn't the right time for me.  It could have been worse - the casting agent could have gone the Berger route and given me the news on a Post-It note.

Naturally, I was a bit bummed when I got home.  Instead of putting together a proper Sugared Cinema post for you kind folks, I threw myself a (very brief) pity party.  I'm so lame.  But it had to be done, the way they do in movies.

In a typical drama, the camera would pan a dated motel room of a scorned man, the glow from the TV illuminating an empty bottle of Tennessee whiskey and partially smoked cigarette butts snuffed out in a plastic ashtray.

In my movie?  Cakester wrappers.  EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, all of those optimistic cliches really do have some truth to them - this particular opportunity just wasn't meant to be.  Ahh well.  On to the next adventure!

As a huge thank you to everyone who cheered me on during the audition process, I'm giving away (2) copies of one my favorite books.  Because, as we all know, sharing sparks creativity (I think?)

This book is my go-to for all things cookie-related.  Recipes, step-by-step techniques, dough and icing storage...pretty much anything you can think of.

The tutorials are easy to follow and the designs are just too darn cute.

The dino-cookie.  My favorite.  Rawr.


I went there.

For a chance to add this fabulously cute book to your kitchen library, leave a comment below.  A funny rejection story, a riddle, a limerick, your plans for the weekend...whatever you like.  I'll select (2) winners at random next week.  Contest ends next Thursday, August 26 @ 11:59pm EST.

And if you're a dude, don't let words like "fabulously" and "cute" keep you from entering.  If you're not the cookie decorating type, I'm sure your girlfriend/wife/mom/sister/masseuse would be stoked to get a copy.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Bake or sip something awesome.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't make it. I'm not watching that show now. Screw them. But great choice with the oreo cakesters.

  2. My rejection story - Eric and I just celebrated our 2 year anniversary and this was our Facebook conversation:

    Hyun --> Eric: Hey buddy - The past 2 years have been oh so fine. Aren't we having all sorts of fun! :-)

    Eric's response to Hyun: Hey buddy. No.

    Hahaha...the end. <3

  3. You know I already called Time Warner and had them remove the channel from my lineup - and everyone in the local viewing area.

  4. Sorry to hear you didn't make it in! It's still exciting to have been considered :D

    I've never had an Oreo Cakester, but I don't think I need to discover any other sugar-filled items that I like...that list is long enough.

  5. Sorry to hear the news. But Cakesters do make it all (mostly) better. And with an IPA? I'm going to pretend that I was talented enough to even think of applying to Cake Boss just so I can treat myself this good.

    Hang in there. From what I've seen here, you are extremely talented and will go far and delight many.

  6. Sigh. BG is going to be seriously upset. I'm sorry. I'm so happy for you though. You went for it and while it didn't 100% pan out, you are still rocking out with the blog, the baking and, more importantly, old school songs/movies/TV show references.

    Dude, while I'd be the wrong person to win 1 of your awesome books, I'll share my story.

    I'm not allowed to consume sugary stuff. One day, Starbucks was having Free Pastry Day. I went to Target, with a Starbucks inside, and decided to be a little naughty. I was alone, who would know? The only thing I ever liked from them was their iced chocolate milk with whipped cream. I ordered and asked for their lemon pound cake as my free pastry. Dude, they told me they ran out of mocha. MOCHA! What the hell kind of Starbucks runs out of mocha? It's like Subway running out of bread (which happened to a friend of mine). I left without anything. I got the hint; The Universe was out to get me.

  7. Bummer, Ali. But like I said before at the very worst case it's still a great experience to have done it in the first place.

    Besides, this just gives you some content to start out with when you start writing your own series - Cakester Boss.

  8. Um...your blog so just rejected my Girl Scout gmail account. HA HA HA!! When I tried to change it to this account, it took my cleverly thought post and tossed it out with the trash. Boo. It went something like this... "Blah blah blah ....Cake Boss is stupid...blah blah blah... Momma would say "you can do SOOO much better. Blah blah blah" Then I ended it with "Mike is SOooooooo much cuter than Cake Boss....That does count for something RIGHT?"

    LOVE YOU Ali. You will always bee my favorite Cup Cake Creator!

  9. Who actually made this guy THE Cake Boss? It's like a self-donned title, what does he know? ;)

    You are super talented and I absolutely love your blog. And the pics from the book look super cute. If by reading it I were able to obtain 5% of your talent, I'd be happy!

    On to the next adventure!

  10. Aww, I'm sorry babe. You deserved it more than anybody. Any chance they might call on you down the line?

    Keep on truckin'. You've already affected so many people around you with your skillz, so you're bound to get what you deserve regardless. Good things take time, anyways :)

    Next on the agenda: IPA cupcakes? Mario shaped cookies? Much more exciting to me than a contest. :)

  11. O pleeezzz.... what do they know anyway??? I have the UTMOST confidence in your creative powers and abilities, so don't let the baddies get at your confidence!!! There's something a gazillion times better waiting round the corner! Maybe if you'd got this gig, you'd have had to refuse the 2nd but better thing about to come at you from left field!!!! Keep the faith!! Up and at 'em!!!!

  12. Sorry you didn't make the cut Ali.
    The upside is we don't have to miss you.

  13. "In a typical drama, the camera would pan a dated motel room of a scorned man, the glow from the TV illuminating an empty bottle of Tennessee whiskey and partially smoked cigarette butts snuffed out in a plastic ashtray."

    This is great writing btw.

    Sorry you didn't make the cut, definitely their loss.

  14. Dang!..Your still talented and your time WILL come very soon.

  15. Aw that is extra wack. You would have brought so much awesomeness to them and everyone else. They will be missing out a lot. Like Beyonce's man says... on to the next one.

  16. the people casting are seriously brain-dead. i saw some of the other audition tapes and to say that they paled in comparison would be an understatement! at least you don't have some reality tv show drama ;D you know your opportunities are endless; the adventures just begun!!

    ~Sam (yo sistah in law gurr')
    ps. i dont need the book, pick someone more deserving :)

  17. I'm sorry you didn't make the cut. I love reading your blog. You do fabulous work!!!

  18. :( Sad that you don't get the chance to share with The Boss all your mad skills.

  19. I'm boycotting that show...I wouldn't even watch it if it was on 15 days a week! ;) Take that TLC!

    You are so unbelievably talented! There aint no stopping you now...

  20. This comment isn't really made to make you feel better. It's just the simple truth. You. Are. Talented. (!!!!) And funny as all get out. I have no riddle. Or Limerick. Or plans. Oh yes I do! Have a cake order to fill Saturday! Eeeesh. I DO have an *air high five!!* for ya.

    Hats off to ya. :)

  21. There once was a baker with mad skillz
    With cupcakes and fondant she killz
    Too good for the Cake Boss
    It is totally their loss
    Thanks goodness for us cause her blog thrillz

  22. Screw Cake Boss! I don't like that show anyways! I would have had a hard time watching it if you made it!

    But...if it makes you feel better, I won Reject Mom of the year award today....When Kylar fell off the picnic bench....right onto the ground! Kerplunk!!

  23. I was just SURE you were going to NJ to show them a thing or two...and you certainly would have...hmmmm...maybe we now know WHY they didn't pick you(really!) I am so sorry, Ali! But I am one of "those" that believe that everything happens...yada yada yada..and there is something much more grandiose waiting for you! I am so very proud of you!

  24. well booooo to cake boss. hmph.

    good choice on the cakesters...the box in my cupboard is beckoning, so i may join you in the nom-licious cakester devouring.

  25. The cake boss can kiss my toe! Then the cake boss can kiss the sidewalk, then the cake boss can kiss a light post, then the cake boss can kiss a bumble bee, then the cake boss can a piece of chewed gum...from a bear

    enter me!

  26. I'm so sorry! Your video was super cute and creative - if I was in charge, you'd be on the show!

    My favorite rejection had to be the long-term boyfriend who simply cut all communication. He thought that him not calling me or returning messages for two weeks would signal that we were broken up. I just thought he was a d-bag. :)

  27. First the bad news...I'm 350 miles away and I couldn't come by with my box of Cakesters and sauv blanc. The good news...I'm her Mom (oh yeah!) and I'm so proud of my Ali. Not only is she creative, witty and funny, she's a great D&B dj, an amazing dancer, a sharp Hold'em dealer, and best of all, she does the dessert for all our family gatherings. I know her time will come. Love you oodles of noodles!

  28. Ali, those corporate conglomerate idiots don't have a creative bone in their body. They're going to end up casting some moronic tool that creates drama and doesn't know a thing about baking.

    Thumbs up on your submission video! I watched it on my phone in the break room and almost peed my pants (definitely would be against health code). You and Mr. Berry are cuter than Harry and Ginny - I would say Cho since you're Asian, but no one liked her anyway.

    I'll have an IPA for you tonight, missy.

  29. long time reader, first time commenter ;) i found your blog through Jessi (Life in a Carriage House) she's my sister-in-law :D and i've been hooked ever since.

    My 3-year old daughter and I love to bake together and we've baked many of your recipes. my husband loves to eat them. and our baby is dreaming of the day she can join in the fun. (i think that may be why she drools so much) Our favorite so far is the chocolate cobbler; who couldn't love that ooey-gooey-chocolatey goodness!

  30. Sorry Ali, but I think you are destined to be on a bigger and better TV show. It's their loss!

    My tale of rejection went a little something like this...girl crushes on a boy. Boy calls up the girl. Girl is totally psyched because he CALLED her. Boy then asks girl about her best friend's relationship status. Ouch. Boy proceeds to ask girl to get him a date with the best friend. Burn.

  31. OMG hahaha I just bought the "Cookie Craft Christmas" book by the same authors last week and got it in the mail yesterday! As I was flipping through it, I noticed they had THIS book also (which I thought to myself: *must get*) and so this morning, went hunting for it on Ebay and Amazon...and have it on my watch list until I can afford it. I just thought it was a funny coincidence all in the same day! :D Had to share :)

  32. Cake boss kind of annoys me. Perhaps you should look into auditioning for the next season of Cupcake Wars. If you blog is any indication you could totally rock that. I want this book cuz it's like awesome sauce and who doesn't love a good cookie. I know I dooooo!

  33. That was such a good and creative application video! I ghastly admit I'm not really a cookie person, besides some Halloween skeleton gingerbread creatures, but my sister would positively squeal at it. So far as rejection goes, I'm a total mental blocker, friends have to remind me of the 'bad' things that have happened. Instead, some cheesy pilot jokes, because that's all I got on a Sunday!
    What's the difference between God and a pilot?
    God doesn't think he's a pilot.
    How do you know when there's a pilot int he room?
    He'll tell you :)

  34. Who da boss? YOU da boss. YUMMMMMM

    The anonymous KAT