Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cupcakes imitate art. I imitate Tony Danza.

 I'm tuckered.  Spent.  Devoid of energy.  Dragging ass like an amputated zombie.

But in a good way!

Two weeks ago, I sent in an application for a new Cake Boss spin-off series on TLC.  The following week, the casting agency called and asked me to make an audition tape showing the real "me" and to answer a series of questions in the video.

With the help of director Berry White (you might remember him from his previous work, "Ooh, A Cheesecake Bar!") and my sister Michele, I was able to finish the video and get it uploaded for the casting agency.  After a full week of taping, editing and getting sufficiently caffeinated, I now have a newfound respect and admiration for people in the film industry.

I'm a huge sucker for 80's TV intros.  Naturally, I had to incorporate that into the audition.

If you get crazy, bored or desperate to kill the last 16 minutes of your workday, you can see me nervously laugh my way through the other two parts here:

For the demonstration segment, I created 3 cupcakes that were based on designs by the incredibly badass and talented artist, Ryan McGinness.

Photo from ryanmcginness.com

The semifinalists will be selected in the next few weeks so keep your fingers crossed!  Assuming it doesn't terribly hinder your ability to update your status on Facebook, of course.

And on that note, I'm going to go celebrate the completion of the video with a full night's sleep.


  1. First off. The intro is HI-larious.

    Secondly - Ryan McGinness cupcakes? WOW.

    Good luck with Cake Boss Ali

  2. If you got a show, I'd totally set up a season pass on my Tivo.

  3. Ali! This is sooo cute. Bitty Girl and I will anxiously wait on word from TLC. They'd be fools, fools I tell ya, if they don't give you your own show.

  4. Hey Ali,

    Like I said the other day, great job on the audition tape. I'm glad you posted it here too. The instructional segment in part 3 was great.

    Do you have particular images that you used for those 3 cupcakes or is it more just the style that you are using?

  5. Eric - thanks guy :D You came to mind when the idea first came about.

    Wendi - boop boop? That's my Tivo impression.

    Margie - I think BG needs to wear her lucky toupee.

    Liam - thanks again :) I added a picture to the post so you can see where I got the design (except for the colors. I didn't have hot pink food coloring on hand.)

  6. That video was awesome. WOW! You are a natural and the cupcakes too freakin' cool!

  7. Ali! I'm rooting for you! You must be the cake boss apprentice! I watched all of the videos. The intro is the best. I think you got it in the bag.

  8. Thanks guys :D If all goes well, I shall celebrate with a frozen tv dinner (Ally) and a Night Tremor Lava Cake (Rick).

  9. You used my cabinet suggestion!

    Also, you should mail Ryan McGinness a box of those cupcakes.

  10. Harry. Dude. The cabinet idea was genius. Huge whale-sized props for the suggestion.

    My sister sent a pic of the cupcakes to the contact email on the site and someone wrote back saying that they were passing it along to Ryan. She crazy.

  11. Something in the air smells oh so gooooood! I have a feeling....

    Love you, sis. And so very proud.

    And they did respond back! Said the cupcakes were "pretty awesome"! Road trip to NY to drop off a 6-pack of cupcakes and a 6-pack of beer!

  12. Ali you're too cute! The cupcakes are beautifully done. My fingers and toes are crossed for you!

  13. Hi Ali! just watched the entire interview - the intro was hilarious ans you did a great job being in the spotlight! And your cupcakes are TOO cute!!

  14. Michele - NY road trip #2 indeed <3

    Christa Rose - thanks for the good luck wishes!

    Jennifer - welcome to the blog! Thanks for stopping by and watching the interview :) I used to want to be Samantha Micelli when I was young, lol.

  15. oh.my.god. why have you just now come into my life??
    that video is hysterical. and those cupcakes are fantastically awesome.

  16. I love 80's television shows too.