Wednesday, September 29, 2010

After these messages...

...we'll be right back.

It's been a busier-than-usual week and I haven't had the time (or the brain juice) to put together a post.  Sometimes the only thing that can remedy a creative block is the semi-new Black Keys album and an earlier bed time, albeit temporarily.

I'll be back on Friday, less like a zombie and more like that girl with the mediocre grammar whose posts you've come to skim and mildly enjoy.

I leave you with this picture from Berry White's birthday dinner.

The poor lighting conditions and blurred, grainy result turned out to be small blessings in disguise.



  1. Welcome back!

    I really, really miss Saturday morning cartoons. They suck now but who cares cause I don't watch them.

    Zombieland, yo.

  2. Kick back with your adult beverage of choice and a Lifetime movie marathon...or maybe an installment of VH1's 100 Best whatever.

  3. Margie - thanks lady! And it really was all about the magic and mystery of gummiberry juice.

    Wendi - I recently discovered that we get Lifetime Movie Network with our new bundle. Last night's selection was Personal Indiscretions. How delightfully scandalous.

  4. Frog legs??? Where did you guys eat - somewhere up in Philly? I have never even had frog legs before. Jealous.

  5. We ate at Monk's Cafe, a Belgian restaurant/beer bar. Really, really cool spot - you and Amanda would love it. I'll post about it next week :)

  6. Awesome. Glad you guys had a great time.

  7. I'm happy you like Black Keys too. They are incredible.