Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beer Style Breakdown 101: Double IPA

As we wrap up the pale ale portion of the series, let us reflect on the other styles that have brought so much joy to our palates (and so much anguish to our livers) over the past month:

You will be missed.

Who am I kidding, you'll all be sipped on again in the near-to-immediate future.  Yeah boy!

And now...the grand finale.





The Double (or Imperial) IPA.

This style of beer is often referred to as "aggressive" and rightfully so:  the abv typically falls between a saucy 8-10% and contains even more of what you'd find in an IPA:  more hops, more malt, a more intense flavor and a fuller body.  Did I mention more hops?  Double IPAs like to leave their mark on your palate.

Today's demonstration beer hails from Weyerbacher Brewing in Easton, Pennsylvania. 

Double Simcoe IPA.
Brewed using a single type of hop: Simcoe.

Chill, Simcoe.  You're safe.

Shall we?

Double Simcoe IPA has a deep, coppery hue and a medium head. The aroma is killer: huge piney hop presence, large grapefruit notes, some pineapple and sweet, almost syrupy malt. Much easier to detect its characteristics than a pale ale or IPA. 

The taste is intensely bitter up front - you can practically feel the hops latching on to your tastebuds.  The bitterness is then smoothed out by the creamy, bread-y malt, with only a trace of hop lingering behind..a pleasant little reminder of the outstanding beer you just experienced.

That's right.  You didn't drink that beer.  You experienced it.

Other suggestions, based on Mike's list of favorites:  Southern Tier Unearthly (NY), Bell's Hopslam (MI - seasonal), Victory Hop Wallop (PA), Avery Maharaja (CO - seasonal)

Cheers, friends. 


  1. I love how Simcoe's eye match the label.

  2. Margie - that would make a great pick-up line for a beer nerd.

    Maximus - thanks guy :D I know you love a good DIPA.

  3. Perfect choice of your brew for your DIPA post. And what great timing, considering what Fireworks just announced for tomorrow :D

  4. Will you be getting a taste of the 'slam after work today? I'm guessing it won't last through the weekend.

  5. Do you even have to ask? If only I could convince them to fill a growler for me... lol.

    Love your new header graphic, btw!

  6. Your beer tutorials are much better than this:


    although I still think the poster is rad. This just means you're radder.