Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cookie Wallpaper.

A cool beer label, colored sprinkles, big swirls of obnoxiously-bright buttercream...I'm all about the decorative aspect.  

I recently purchased a sheet of wafer paper from Fancy Flours.  Wafer paper is, essentially, edible wallpaper for your baked goods. 

A part of me channeled William Wonka when I received it in the mail.  Lick an orange, it tastes like an orange.  Lick a pineapple, it tastes like...yeah.

Anyway, I had some extra hat parts to test the wafer paper out on.

Start with an iced cookie.

Trace out a shape using a sharp knife or an Exacto.

Brush a thin layer of corn syrup onto the back of the wafer paper.

Gently rub it onto the surface of the cookie.  Let it set, paper side down, for 30 minutes then flip them side up to dry for a few hours.

How easy is that?

You can use wafer paper on cakes or cookies decorated with buttercream, royal icing (when dry) and fondant.  Guaranteed to get you props.

This is what I imagine HGTV hosts snack on in between takes.


  1. This is so cute! What an easy idea for theme parties!

  2. It's like scrapbooking on cookies. Scrapcookies.

  3. Want want want. What were the other fruits in Wonka called? Snozzberries?

  4. "Snozzberries?! Whoever heard of a snozzberry?"

    "We are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of the dreams."

    Love that quote.

  5. I've always wanted to try that. Those look so cool!

  6. That. Is. Outfreakingstanding.
    If we lived nearby, I would have you bake me desserts every week!

  7. Probably the classiest cookies I've ever laid eyes on. Also, love your new header!

  8. Dude. DUDE. Must have cookie paper NOW!

  9. Thanks everyone! Next I'm going to try putting this up on my bedroom walls.