Friday, September 17, 2010

Sugared Cinema: Pretty Woman (1990)

Woman:  Did you like the opera, dear?
Vivan:  It was so good, I almost peed my pants.
Edward:  She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance.

Today is my mom's birthday.  She and my dad are jetting (well, driving) off for a little R&R in Atlantic City this weekend.  The woman loves her some slots and Three Card poker.  I always find it hysterical when they call their jaunts to the Sin City of the East "R&R time."  That's why they rule and I'm sure they're the reason why I enjoy Hold 'Em.  It's in the blood.

For as long as I can remember, Pretty Woman has been one of my mom's favorite films. 

She had a dress that was identical to the one worn by Vivian in the polo match scene (or maybe it was my sister...or maybe they just shared) but every time I see that scene, I think of my mom.  Then I do the Arsenio bark and fist-pump combo.

In honor of my mom, her special day and her love for all things Julia Roberts, we'll be making polo cookie hats.

To make these cookies, I used my go-to sugar cookie recipe but you can use any rolled sugar or shortbread cookie recipe you like. 

Use round cutters to make two sizes of cookies.

Prepare two batches of royal icing:  brown and white.

Start by damming and flooding the larger cookie.  The "brim" if you will.

Lightly dot on white icing while the surface is still wet.

Dam and flood one of the smaller cookies and place it on the center of the larger cookie.  Give it a gentle press to help it stick.  Add dots to the smaller cookie.

Let the cookie hats dry for a few hours before storing.

If you want to give them a little extra flair, you can add a fondant ribbon or band around the hat.

Probably not that cookie's best angle but it was still delicious.

Happy birthday Mom!  Win that monay! 

And to everyone else, have a fantastic weekend.  Do something crazy.  But regular crazy.  Not prostitute-crazy.


  1. OH those are so cool - I wish we lived near so I could join in on sugared cinema - totally cool

  2. Just adorable. Love them and the story.

  3. Jennifurla - it's a date. An imaginary one but a date, nonetheless. But only if you bring that hot strawberry tart.

    Mad Hausfrau - thanks for visiting :)

  4. Gah, so cute. I love these :) And now I have to go watch Pretty Woman.

  5. Those cookies are awesome! (insert Arsenio bark!)

  6. I forgot to say that I like the new blog header!

  7. A - The cookies are freaking adorable.
    A.2 - Samples???
    B - I worked a Pretty Woman reference into a Psych paper in college.
    B.2 - Are you sure we aren't twins separated at birth?

  8. These are adorable! I love your sugar cinema fun!

  9. SteelCityFlan - it never fails: every time I see your name, I think "awesome." It sounds so ruggedly sweet.

    Price Report - Wock wock wock! (that's how Vivian's bark alwayssounded to me.)

    Wendi - if we're twins, I want to borrow those shoes you were wearing in the BSP photo. Come on, we're related.

    Newlywed - thanks! Welcome to the married club :D

  10. So freaking cute! The polka dots are adorbs :)

  11. Great post! The cookies look so pretty like the pretty woman. What a nice daughter!

  12. Christa - while I won't wear polka dots, I'll dot my cookies until the day I die. Insta-happy!

    Hyosun - thanks so much!

  13. jesus, this is effing hilarious and adorable.

    my fave PW scenes: "there's a run in hose... oh! i'm not wearing pany hose!" or "CINDER-FUCKING-ELLA!"

    we might be soul sisters. just saying.