Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beer Style Breakdown 101: Oktoberfest

Drink me, Seymour.

Yesterday marked the close of the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest, the annual excuse to get tanked for 2 consecutive weeks festival that takes place in Munich every late September to early October.  It's something I would like to experience at least once in my lifetime but until I can scrounge up the funds and PTO to get over there, I'll live vicariously through Diary of a Mad Hausfrau (eat your heart out with a spoon, Katy Perry) and festive beverages.

 Style:  Oktoberfest
Also known as:  Marzen, Festbier
Characteristics:  malty, full bodied, deep amber color, ABV around 5-7%

Today's demonstration beer is The Kaiser, an Imperial Oktoberfest brewed by Avery Brewing Co. out of Boulder, Colorado.


(Great flick.  Wrong day.)

I gotta be honest:  Oktoberfest beers aren't my favorite but since they're a popular seasonal beer, I thought I would be good to cover them.  I mean, I wouldn't kick them out of my fridge but they've never been at the top of my list, either.  Now The Kaiser?  That was the first Oktoberfest to ever make my tastebuds do a double take.

Alright, let's take a look at this guy.

Appearance-wise, this beer looks like a typical Oktoberfest.  It has that rich, coppery color and a thin but decent head that dissipates quickly.

But the taste...this one's a doozy.  A boozy doozy.

With the "imperial" label comes a much maltier profile, some distinct bite from the hops and, of course, a much higher ABV - 9.3%.  Probably not the best choice if you're throwing them back at the festival but a fine choice if you're celebrating from the comforts of your own microfiber sectional.

Other suggestions:  Victory Festbier (PA)

Prost, friends!


  1. Should I tell you that my Mistah is part of a German folk dancing troupe (from DC no less) who does the Oktoberfest circuit? He's got the entire ensemble...hat, socks, and lederhosen. He's also got his very own Hofbrau House stein that he takes with him to events.

    I'm really hoping that wasn't TMI.

  2. Nice usage of Little Shops of Horrors and, one of my favorites, The Usual Suspects.

    "Rat on your pop and Keyser Soze will get you."

    As for the booze info, I'm enjoying it. Now I want to go to the Renassaince Festival and get a turkey leg.

  3. Wendi - not TMI at all. Pretty awesome, actually. Possible future post on BAH?

    Margie - And just like that...it was gone. The beer, that is.

  4. Did you ever realize that the name of one of the most prominent healthcare providers in our country is "ETERNAL RULER" ?

    Pretty weird.

    And every time I see it I can't help but say the words in a total surf-stoner-dude-type-voice: "Kaiiiserrrr... perma-NEN-taaayyyy."

  5. Great photos. I suck at taking picture of liquids Speaking of liquids, I totally owe you a maß when you make it over here for the Wies'n. Thanks for the mention and the link love!

  6. Liam - great. Now that's how I'm going to say it every time I see it and their building is right to my office.

    Lora - can we throw a Radler pretzel cookie in with the deal?

  7. I have to pass this info onto the hubby! He would enjoy the reviews, thanks for sharing...still loving your new header.