Friday, November 5, 2010

Sugared Cinema: My Girl (1991)

'Ode to Ice Cream' by Vada Sultenfuss

I like ice cream a whole lot
It tastes good on days that are hot
On a cone or in a dish
This will be my only wish
Vanilla, chocolate, rocky road
Even with pie, a la mode. 

Oh, Vada.  Why did you have to grow up and star in that mediocre sequel a few years later?  And Thomas J., you were so cute before you started looking like a distant cousin to Draco Malfoy.  Although I have to give you and Mila Kunis props for defying the Hollywood relationship statistic.  I'm thinking you two will be the Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn of our generation.

My Girl is one of those movies that never seems to age, for me at least.  When a movie's plot is set in an earlier time period, it is forever stuck in the year that it's portrayed in.  1972, in My Girl's case.  In my mind,  Macaulay Culkin is 11 years old and Jamie Lee Curtis still looks hot in denim bell-bottoms.

Between Vada's poetic tribute to ice cream and this post about beer floats on Burnt Lumpia's blog, I was feeling inspired.  I shared a simple lambic float recipe over the summer and thought it might be fun to concoct an autumnized version of it.

Pumpkin Pie Beer Float
Recipe by me

Here's what you'll need:

a few graham cracker squares

Cloves, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon
pumpkin pie spice

 One 12-oz bottle of pumpkin ale.

ice cream
whipped cream, for garnish

 Finely crush 2-3 graham crackers in a bowl.  Add a few dashes each of the cloves, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon (or the pumpkin pie spice, if you're using that instead) and mix.

Wet the rim of your glass then dip it into the graham cracker mixture.

Add a few scoops of ice cream.  I wanted to really work that pumpkin ale's flavor profile so I used butter pecan.  Haagen Dazs has a creme brulee ice cream that would be equally delicious.

Slowly pour in the pumpkin ale.

Add a dollop of whipped cream...

...then top off with a sprinkling of graham cracker bits and the spiced graham cracker mixture.

Make sure to take a few sips straight from the glass.  The graham cracker rim combined with the float tastes like a grown-up pumpkin pie.

If you're not a big beer drinker, add a small amount to start and work your way up.  I like to pour half the bottle into the float then save the rest of it for later.  15-20 minutes later.

An Ode to Beer Floats
By Ali Berry

Beer goes well with ice cream, silly
it tastes good on days that are chilly
in a pint or in a chalice
drink mine and you'll feel my malice
vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan
make a float and get your freak on.


  1. I must admit, I'm not a beer gal...vino for me. However these little ditties do look tempting!

  2. You do poetry too?! What can't you do, Ali? I may have to give this a go, slightly modified but an ice cream float is a must.

    I was talking about JLC the other day, cause of the multiple Halloween showings, and while she was cute there, she hit HOT in Trading Places. Yowza!

    This movie still makes me get dirt in my eye.

  3. 1. the comparison to draco malfoy made me GUFFAW.
    2. have you seen vida recently? i saw her on some awful spy show on USA (and by awful i mean i watched it every week during the summer)
    3. my fave scene in my girl was when vida is singing to a picture of her english teacher: "PHIL! i looooove you..."

    i am not a beer girl, unless it's stella, but i love the creativity of this dish.

  4. Wenderly - nothing wrong with being a vino gal ;) I love beer but some meals/nights/moods call for a rich, robust malbec.

    Margie - JLC definitely went through a hot phase after Halloween. Her True Lies striptease is one of the best moments in movie history.

    Angry Asian - awww, love that scene. She does that little spin move while she cute.

  5. Alright, that's pretty damn awesome. Love the graham cracker crumbles. Great touch.

  6. I am in love with this one, fantastic! I just wish I didn;t lose my bank card...this looks so good I want it for tonight.

  7. Liam - it was really good but honestly, I think it would have even better with Pumking. That beer just cannot be topped.

    Jennifurla - what a bummer about your card! My license is expired so I haven't been able to buy alcohol on my own...booooo.

  8. Okay, so this inspired me and I made my own version at home, which I'm sipping as I type. It. Is. So. Good. I used homemade pumpkin ice cream, Saranac Helles, and Sprite. Ohhhh it's so tasty.

  9. I have never seen a float with real beer instead of the traditional root beer, however this looks great! Yum!

  10. I've actually been drinking the Dogfish Head Punkin Ale a lot this season! I couldn't find any of the other pumpkin beers you recommended around here. I'm very much into anything pumpkin right now, especially pumpkin cheesecake! Oh, by the way, I just started working at this restaurant/brewery called Hollister Brewing Company! We brew in house and usually have 12-15 taps a day. I'll tell you more about it later!

  11. Steel City Flan - YES! Yesyesyes. I love that you were inspired and concocted your own delicious boozy ice cream treat.

    Tessa - thanks for stopping by :)

    Hanny - I cannot wait to hear more about your new job! I went over to the Hollister Brewing site and read about the company and their beers - it sounds so awesome. Just another reason for me to get my butt out there <3

  12. Young love is always super cute.