Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Food gifts rule.

They do.

Money a little snug?  Give cookies.
Want to something a little more personal?  Give cookies.
Last minute shopper?  Give cookies.  Slacker.

I know, you already have a ton of bookmarked, printed and dogeared recipes to rifle through this holiday season.  But if you have room for one more in your gift-making spree, here are some of my "make again" favorites that were saved from a violent Fargo-style death by shredder.

And my heart, my love, my everything:

My favorite for the 2nd year in a row, after it knocked raspberry thumbprints out of the top spot for Dankest Christmas Cookie.

Happy baking.  Happy gift-giving.  Happy holidays.  Just happy everything, man.

P.S.  I've made public jokes at its expense but if I received a Shake Weight in my stocking, I would be overjoyed.  I would shake the shit out of that thing.  Maybe even cancel my gym membership.


  1. I was hungry when I came in this morning and now I am starving thanks to your cookies. Me want, really bad.

    Shake weight, eh? I'd like one too. I'm training to be a cage fighter.

  2. Too many cookies. Not enough time or room in my jeans.

  3. Margie - I bet Koschek uses them. He looks like the type.

    Wendi - I haven't fastened the button on any of my jeans or work pants since October. I wish I was kidding.

  4. i am also a fan of gifting homemade cookies & candy as holiday presents. i haven't started yet, the baking project starts shis weekend (last minute shopper & baker here!). and if you get the shake weight PLEASE MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO of you working out. hilarious.

  5. Ahahahahahahaha! Brilliant comment. I would LOVE to see how his eye looks today after GSP took a liking to it Saturday night.

  6. I'm glad you did this. I have a cookie exchange tomorrow and I wasn't sure what cookies to make. I think Chewy Brownie are the winners!

  7. Those chocolate gingerbreads are money.

  8. Angry Asian - Lan, I can't talk. Up until last year, I, too, was part of the Last Minute Crew. With so much drama in the LMC...

    Margie - all he wants for Christmas is full sight in both eyes, ba-zing!

    Celia - I do love the chewy brownie cookies (I'm partial to bittersweet chocolate anything.) Though I doubt they're nowhere near as good as your salted caramel cupcakes...

    Liam - Cookies rule everything around us...CREAU.

  9. Those cookies look gooood. Especially the pbj thumbprints.

  10. They all look great. Love the petzel turtles and those cherwy chocolate gingerbread cookies...oooh

  11. We made the PB&J Thumbprints for Santa. I'm not sure what the big guy thought of them, but he barely left any crumbs, and we all thought they were delicious. Thanks for the inspiration and hope you had a fantastic holiday!

  12. Why can't anyone get me pretzel turtles for christmas! At my annual christmas cookie party, we watched the original. It was so good. I love the one in feudal japan too. We also watched Batman and Robin (classic) and Scott Pilgrim. You would have loved it.