Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm still on island time.

Physically, I'm just about all caught up.  My circadian clock is back on Eastern Standard Time and my cold, lifeless feet are finally adjusting to the 50 degree drop.

Mentally, on the other hand...


I'm sorry for being all absent-y the past couple of weeks.  I promise to get back on track after the holiday (and hangover) has passed.

Have a safe and happy New Year's!  Oh, and if you're going out to celebrate and your area has a Sober Ride program, be a peach and program that number into your phone, mmkay?

Next week:  the Garden Isle, TBSTTW's one year anniversary and a pretty sweet giveaway.  See you guys in 2011.  Exes and ohs and stuff.


  1. Ahhhhh brings back memories of being in Hawaii of the places I'd love to go back and visit someday!! Hope you're having fun and make sure you buy lots of maui caramacs!! And mac nut pies!! :D

  2. that looks similar to the picture i took on a helicopter ride over kauai near the napali coast line. if that is it, i am jealous but fondly remembering the trip.

    glad to have you back

  3. Mae Belle - I'm already looking into fares for later this year! Wishful thinking but it can't hurt to plan ahead :D I made sure to bring some Maui caramacs and a giant bag of macadamia Hershey Kisses back with me, too...

    Matt - you got it :) I took that pic from the helicopter just as we were about to fly over the Na Pali coast. That view is unforgettable, isn't it? You get a whole new appreciation for the island's beauty from the air.

    Lora - thanks! Have a happy 2011!

  4. Sounds like you're having a happy holiday season. Happy New Year!!