Tuesday, December 7, 2010

They tried to make me go to rehab.

When I first started getting into cake decorating, I was a slave to the Wilton aisle at the craft store.  On my lunch break or after work, I'd drive over to the store (strapped with a 40% off coupon that I Googled and printed off the internet) and start loading up.  My arm would shovel full shelves-worth of piping tips and gel colorings into my basket.  I was like a contestant on Supermarket Sweep, sans terrible crewneck sweatshirt + polo shirt combo.

Eventually, I was stocked with most of the essentials and I pretty much nipped the habit.  I cut my visits down from every other day to about once every other week.  I recently hit up Michael's for the first time in a long time.  I wanted to browse the holiday items and replenish a few things but was staying away from any and all impulse buys.

Then I saw these.

And Duff's "Hey lady.  Buy my stuff." expression.
And I relapsed.

(I would part with many treasures/appendages to work for Charm City Cakes.  That bakery's ipod must have the best playlist ever.)

Anyway, texture tiles!  Each pack comes with two patterns.  I bought the wood grain and brick.

And they're super easy to use.

Plop some fondant on top of the sheet, roll it out and peel it off.

The wood pattern:

I mixed brown gel coloring with a little vodka and used a small brush to paint the wood to give it that fresh, Murphy's Oil polish look.

Great if you're making:

a rustic dollcabin
a Biblical ark
a pirate ship
a replica of the "Whip It" set

I loooove the brick pattern.  Fun way to channel your inner Banksy.

Also great if you're making:

an old firehouse
 your elementary school
a fondant interpretation of a famous Commodores' song

Hypothetically speaking, if I were a baking enthusiast in your family, I know I would want these in my stocking.  Yessiree man.


  1. I want to make graffiti! Dude, this is awesome.

    I am super sad that Ace of Cakes has been cancelled. I guess there isn't enough Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

  2. You could also pour melted chocolate on them. Perfect for building a purty chocolate box for holding such valuables as mousse, custard, truffles, berries, puppy chow, various and assorted holiday treats... You know, if you like that sort of thing.

  3. Margie - I'm super sad, too. I'm going to miss Geoffrey and his extensive plaid shirt wardrobe.

    Debbie - that's so brilliant (and cute!) Now I want to try building a chocolate Hogwarts castle.

  4. Supermarket Sweep, Duff, "Whip It" and Stussy all in one post...magical.

    I love the graffiti!

    Btw, I didn't realize Ace of Cakes was canceled! Aww man...that's the only cake decorating show I actually liked.

  5. Kat - next time you're at the checkout counter and you hear that beep, think of all the fun you can have at Supermarket Sweep!

  6. Those are awesome! I have seen these textured tiles and talked myself out of nabbing them more than once. ;)

  7. Briarrose - oh good, so you're familiar with the pain. The coupon really helps take some of the edge off.

  8. I hear ya. My suitcases are exploding with baking supplies when I return from visits to the states. Those molds are fab and they go on my list for the next trip.

  9. i know this addiction that you speak of. except mine also spreads out into the yarn aisle.

    i have not played with fondant extensively yet but methinks i'll be playing with something like this soon enough...

  10. Never knew Duff had goodies out. I love the brick wall.

  11. The Wilton aisle always kills me. I'm going to stalk these down and unleash my inner Banksy :)

  12. Why do these remind me of Fashion Plates? For anyone unfamiliar with them:


    The fondant, it scares me.

  13. Lora - you almost need to bring a separate suitcase just for the goods. That or pack lighter but let's be realistic here...

    Angry Asian - I (briefly) took up knitting a few years ago and remember getting that same rush in the yarn aisle.

    Rick - indeed sir. And thanks :D

    Christa - the best part? No gas mask needed.

    Wendi - holy flashback. That used to be such a hot toy! I remember my (more stylish) friend had one but when I asked her if we could play with it, she was already over the toy.

  14. Those are awesome! I was like you when I took the cake decorating classes I was tied to that aisle. It was a hard habit to break!

  15. Delurking to say, wow, you're even good at graffiti?! Also, have you been to The Great American Beer Festival? The Bruery was pouring this year and I fell in love with Mischief, have you had that one? My memory is a bit foggy but I'm pretty sure I went back for thirds.

  16. I STILL wear that sweet scarf you knit me years ago! Warm AND cute. ;)

  17. Nicole - hey and welcome! Glad to hear there are so many others who share the addiction.

    Elysia - so glad you delurked! Had you stayed in the shadows, I would have never found your blog :D Someday my husband and I will experience GABF. You get major style points, not only for mentioning The Bruery but for giving special attention to Mischief. Such a damn good beer, possibly their best.

    Manda - I love that you still wear it <3 It worked out well that I only learned one type of stitch because it was such a tight knit - your scarf should last a while :)