Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Are you on the list?

2011.  A new year.

New ideas.  New plans.  A new bookcase from World Market to display our scholarly collection of cookbooks, homebrewing manuals and young adult fiction.

At the end of every year, I like to reflect on what I've done with the past 365 days and what goals I hope to accomplish in the new year, both realistic and lofty, way-out-there goals that usually require a bit of free time, money or both.

I read Lan's (of Angry Asian Creations) Live It List on a particularly daydreamy day and was instantly inspired.  So I decided to compile one of my own.  You'd be surprised at what makes it onto your list.  There are things I didn't even realize I had the slightest interest in until I sat down and really mulled over it.

Try it out.  It might give you some focus, an idea, a chuckle.  Hell, it might even point you in a direction that you never thought imaginable.  Deep and borderline cliche (on my part) but totally possible.

My "Live It" List.  By Alison H. Berry.

1.  Submit a show idea to Family Guy or Robot Chicken (via interweblog)
2.  Hike the Kalalau Trail.
3.  Skydive.
4.  Watch every single one of Alan Rickman's movies.
5.  Get a Brazilian wax.
6.  Go on a trip.  Solo.
7.  Get front row seats/standing room at a concert.
8.  Run a 5k.
9.  Learn the choreography to a music video, tape it then play them side-by-side.
10.  Drive cross country.
11.  Pull off red lipstick without looking freakish and clown-like.
12.  Sleep on the beach.
13.  Host a Murder Mystery Party.
14.  Get Berry White to take a dance class with me.
15.  Take a shot of Jager with my wolfpack on a hotel rooftop.
16.  Sleep in a treehouse.  
17.  Ride Drop Zone at King's Dominion without crying.
18.  Teach my mom how to swim.
19.  Drink coffee on the steps of a New York City brownstone.
20.  Go an entire week without TV and internet.
21.  Wear a skirt to work.
22.  Throw a Harry Potter themed-party.
23.  Tour a Trappist brewery.
24.  Drink a tripel in Belgium.
25.  Display a leg lamp in my window.
26.  Learn a really good magic trick.
27.  Meet Chef Duff.
28.  Learn to hula.
29.  Drink wine in Tuscany.
30.  Get on a snowboard.
31.  Have a kid.  Or plural.
32.  Swim with whale sharks in Holbox.
33.  Eat something totally weird and Fear Factor-worthy.
34.  Attend a Bikram Yoga class.
35.  Stand under a waterfall.
36.  Play Hedwig's Theme on the recorder from start to finish.
37.  Learn to Double Dutch.
38.  Cross a rope bridge.
39.  Sing karaoke in front of strangers.
40.  Break free from the corporate world.
41.  Make a friend while in another country.
42.  Buy a Craftsman-style home with my lovedood.
43.  "Learn to take life as it comes at you.  To make each day count."  Well said, Dawson (of the Chippewa Falls Dawsons.)

Now go and make your own list.  Print it out and carry it around with you, along with a bright red Sharpie.  You never know what you'll be checking off at the end of the day.


  1. Happy belated New Year! Excellent list. I made a list of restaurants I would like to try, or revisit, for 2011. The list is still growing but I'm excited about trying them all.

  2. Ali, that list sounds like a lifetime of adventure. If you find yourself checking #24 off the list, may I suggest you also consider visiting Beer Alley in Brugge?

  3. Hey Ali, if you want someone to go with you for number 34, I go to one near my apartment in Alexandria sometimes. I still kind of suck too so you might not be the only one sitting on the mat until you stop feeling dizzy.

  4. Ha - I love your list! And I can't wait to here about your Family Guy idea.

    As for the red lipstick - I don't think I will ever pull it off. :(

  5. Margie - Happy '11! I hope you and the BNC had a great NYE. I should add "Go to Barbecue Inn" to my list.

    Wendi - absolutely. I'm always open to your Belgium-related suggestions. When Mike and I do finally make it out there, I want to know more than what Frommers has to offer.

    Celia - that would be awesome. I'm severely out of shape and could use some motivation :D

    The Shanner - I want to judo chop girls that can pull off red lipstick. The last time I wore it was for a costume. I looked like a stunt double for Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

  6. ali,
    love love love your list. remember, there is no borderline to what you can say, create, think or do.

    #8 is something i intend to tackle this year. i have no intention of failing... tho, i am a firm believer that failing is just an excuse to get back up & try again.

    your #15 made me laugh really hard.

  7. Angry Asian - thanks for the inspiration, Lan. I made a small edit to my borderline comment - my attempt at self-deprecation ended up implying the opposite. I absolutely agree: the sky's the limit. Biggie Smalls knew what was up.

    This isn't the real Caesar's Palace, is it?

  8. Your list is great! I want to take a yoga class too.

    The young adult fiction shelf reminded me of some books I read recently that you may like. "The Hunger Games" series, it was recommended by my Aunt who read them with her 13 year old daughter. They sucked me in! You might enjoy them :)

  9. Alexis - yes! I read The Hunger Games while on vacation and I just started Catching Fire. Katniss is such a badass <3

  10. I see you are up to date on the YA fiction trends ;)

    They were cool books. It reminded me a lot of Battle Royale. I think they'll be making a movie of them in the next few years and I'm stoked. Katniss was indeed a badass, and was a breath of fresh air compared to Bella! I didn't hate twilight I just think she's a much stronger female character.

  11. #5 - courageous! Worth it, but scary the first time. Do yourself a favour tho and skip the wax and go for sugar! Google 'Alexandria Body Sugaring' and your area to find someone (they're all trained but independent.)
    Good luck!

  12. Melinda - oh please please PLEASE tell me the sugaring method is at least a tiny bit less painful than waxing...

  13. Howzit sis! Just bought a red Sharpie and I'm working on my list. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I'll hook a sister up with #11. And don't forget to invite me to your HP party. ;)