Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm a little cupcake.

I'm a little cupcake, tiny and hip
here is Cinnamon...

...and Mint Chocolate Chip.

when you get a box of me
you will flip
more temptation than the Vegas strip.

My uncle (whose praises I will be publicly singing at some point after February 5th) sent a few boxes of these sweet little bebes back with my sister after her recent visit with him in NYC.  He picked them up from Baked By Melissa, a NY bakery that specializes in miniature stuffed cupcakes.

Opening the box was like walking into a room full of sleeping kittens.  They were all just so perfect and adorable.  Which one should we pick up first?  Oh, I couldn't possibly disturb them.  Not when they look so peaceful.  Fine, let's eat one.

A menu came with the box, with descriptions of each cupcake.  The cuteness just kept piling up.

Mike and I sat down with our treasures, read about each cupcake and slowly made our way through the dozen.  In one sitting.  One 15-minute sitting.

Hey now.  Guilt is nonexistent when it comes to Lilliputianized cupcakes.

With the exception of the Red Velvet (which was a smidge dry), the cupcakes were surprisingly moist - not an easy feat to pull off when working with cakes on such a small scale.  The fillings are a great addition and really help up the "oomph" factor (très important when you're paying a buck a bite.)

The most obvious plus, of course, is their size.  Forcing me to settle on one or two cupcake flavors is enough to reduce me to angry tears, particularly during a certain window of time each month.  These quarter-sized cupcakes give you (or your diet or your waistband) room to sample more flavors.  Chocolate Chip Pancake, S'mores, Cookies & Cream...collect them all!

Fact:  Baked By Melissa cupcakes are the new Lay's potato chips.


  1. Oh mylanta!

    I'm in the market for a new uncle, is yours taking applications?

  2. Ahhh, they were.heavenly, especially the PB&J--which reminds me, 2nd day on the treadmill. One small step at a time. Mrs. Berry White--exercise chart please. xoxo

  3. I'm drooling just reading this post. Literally. There is drool on my desk right now. Yup.

  4. Margie - have mercy! You'd love my Uncle Gabe, btw. Best "underground" NYC tour guide ever.

    Fay/Mom - Mike went straight for the PB cup then the PB&J. Keep it up, Mom! NO RUNNING. xo.

    The Shanner - someone needs to invent a keyboard wrist pad made entirely out of sponges.

  5. What I got from this:

    Ali eats kittens.


  6. Celia - I've been known to bite my cat's head on occasion because he's just so damn cute. You know you've done the same.

  7. bite size anything is adorable. have you been to georgetown cupcakes. there's a lot of hoopla surrounding them and i will grudgingly admit, it's all true.

  8. All that this is making me realize is that it's been a long time since I've had a cupcake - of any kind - in my life. Woe is I.

  9. Angry Asian - I still have to give GC a shot to see how it compares to other spots. I recently tried Crumbs, which was overall pretty good but the cupcakes were enormous. Like the size of a small Popple.

    Liam - I was going to mention the Breakfast Stout cupcakes but I just remembered that you didn't get to sample one :( Must remedy that.

  10. I was just in NYC two weekends ago and debated on going there! (I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to cupcakes...) Now I'm really regretting that I didn't... Guess I'll have to go next time. Luckily I'm already planning another weekend trip in a couple months. :)

    PS - Angry Asian is right, GC is totally worth the wait in line. And while I didn't go to Melissa's I did manage to bring back some Crumbs cupcakes with me on my recent NYC trip. I would have gladly eaten them all myself, but I was glad the hubby shared with me since they are pretty large.

  11. Stacy - If you're close to Arlington, I can bring a box of Melissa's back with me on the NYC bus next weekend :D

  12. I love these tiny little cupcakes, they do them at the Cupcake shop here in Canberra, its a great way to feast your way through a box of cupcakes.., just being able to say you've eaten a box of cupcakes sounds epic doesn't it. These look wonderful, love the decorations on these.

  13. Lovely little cupcakes! I want to have one right now. Hope you are staying warm and safe this snowy night.

  14. I love that you compared a cupcake to the size of a small Popple!

  15. Ali, that is so tempting. I actually live in Baltimore, which isn't too far. (If you are taking the MegaBus and passing through WhiteMarsh, that's even more tempting). Unfortunately, I think my busy weekend and full time work will keep that from happening. It's okay though. This weekend IcedGems Cupcake Truck will be in Fell's Point, and I've been dying to try them, but have never been able to go to one of their locations. So, I'll have my cupcake cravings taken care of. :) But thank you for the offer!!!

    (PS - I accidentally put Stacy R as my name, but I'm a "A" now. Still getting used to the new last name...)