Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Open Letter to Family Guy and Robot Chicken.

Dear Seth MacFarlane, Seth Green, Matthew Senreich and Cherry with the long last name, 

Hi.  I have a show idea.


It originated in February 2008 but I haven't had the means (or nads) to execute it.  At this point, it's just sitting on my conscience like an overdue bill.  I need to unload it to open up some space, in case my mind decides to conjure up any other mildly humorous bits in the future.

I considered starting this off with a sample segue but when I presented the idea to a friend over Gshat the other day, the delivery was just terrible. 

So I drew it.

Only Zoltar's not really singing.  He's just sitting there with his mouth open.  In almost complete silence with the exception of some mic feedback!  Oh-ho-ho!

And that's my brill idea.

I know, I know...Family Guy has only a few episodes left in Season 9 and Robot Chicken just kicked off its newest season.  I'm sure ideas (from random food bloggers, no less) aren't in high demand.  But if you would be so kind to tuck this humbly-drawn depiction of 80's-film-prop-nostalgia-meets-Live-at-Linens-n-Things into one of your brain tissue folds, I would be eternally grateful.

Ali Berry

For those of you still here, well...let's be honest.  The chances of any of the Family Guy or Robot Chicken crew seeing this post are pretty slim.  But I'm not going to let terrible, unbeatable odds get in the way of the mission.  Want to be part of my fevered campaign (because this is nowhere near viral) to see this dusty, 3 year-old idea come to fruition?  Click on any of those little "Share" buttons below.  Post this to your Facebook page.  Tweet about it to @Seth MacFarlane and @SethGreen (hashtag:  #zoltar)

Remember that part in Wayne's World 2 where Wayne asks Cassandra if she's having an affair with Bobby?  (Or for the more "mature" crowd, the Faberge shampoo commercial?)  If you tell 2 friends then maybe they'll tell 2 friends...and so on...and so on...

And with that, I can check #1 off my Life List


  1. Any girl that sketches out an idea for FG to include Zoltar AND refers to Wayne's World in the same post deserves to be put on a pedestal. Just when I thought you were pretty cool, you go and do this. I will gladly tweet it to the appropriate authorities.

  2. Thanks Shannon :D

    I imagine this post will fall on a lot of deaf ears (blind eyes?) because I don't think there's much of a FG/RC fanbase on here. Nevertheless, we need to make like Lee's nails and press on.

  3. I'm with Shannon, I love you more today than yesterday.

  4. Thirded. Love it.

    Also, you got some sweet drawering skills there. You should write like a weekly/monthly comic here in this space. Could be food related or not, could just be a page on the blog or something. Why give someone else your material? =)

  5. I never considered my scribbles to be actual drawings (or even actual skills) but thanks Liam :D I used to make comic books for my mom (I think she still has one I made about a dysfunctional family called The Hendersons or something equally original.) I like your idea...perhaps I'll run with it :D

    P.S. You should check out Margie's drawings sometime. She posts them on her blog every now and then. Funny and clever, just like the artist.

  6. I think it would be hilarious. I can totally picture it being acted out by action figures with former that 70's show cast mates voicing the audience.

  7. Robot Chicken is great. I miss watching it big time.