Friday, January 21, 2011

Sugared Cinema: Resident Evil (2002)

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Umbrella Corporation had become the largest commercial entity in the United States.  Nine out of every ten homes contain its products.  Its political and financial influence is felt everywhere.  In public, it is the world's leading supplier of computer technology, medical products, and healthcare.  Unknown, even to its own employees, its massive profits are generated by military technology, genetic experimentation and viral weaponry.

Quick flashback:

It's 1998.  Berry White and his two best friends, Tony and Allen, are high school juniors by day, aspiring drum and bass djs by night.  And as every trio of vinyl-spinning comrades knows, a dj crew isn't a proper dj crew without a name.  One with meaning.  One based on a video game.

And thus...Resident Evol was born.

Much has changed in the last 13 years.  Tony lives in Germany with his wife, Vera, and their sweet little boy, Alex.  Allen is a kickass graphic designer (the guy behind the header you see up top) with an equally kickass wife, Jaimie.  Mike is pursuing a career in beer with the support of his wife (who has the brewbelly to prove it.)  But no matter where life takes them, Resident Evol will live forever in their hearts.

And on their ankles.

Alright, let's get to baking.  Alice (the hot, gun-toting heroine who also happens to be played by Mike's favorite source of celebrity eye candy, Milla Jovovich) needs our help bringing down the Hive.

Resident Evil Cookies

rolled sugar cookie dough
 3 batches of royal icing (black, white, red)

To get the octagonal shape, I printed and cut out the Umbrella logo.

On rolled sugar cookie dough, trace around the template with a sharp knife or Exacto knife.

Trim any excess dough from the cookie.

Bake and cool the cookies.

Once cool, pipe the outline using black royal icing.  I found that making an "X" then piping in the remaining lines from center to point was the easiest method.

Flood the segments, alternating with red and white royal icing.

Allow to dry for a few hours before attempting to escape.

 Will you heed the Red Queen's warnings?

 Just one bite, one crumb from these cookies is sufficient.  And then, you become one of them.

Enjoy your weekend...if you dare.


  1. Love these! great photo tutorial.

  2. LOL!!! It's been playing a lot lately and I cannot not watch it.

    I totally know about Alice.

  3. you must have the patience of a saint to make those. they look incredible!

  4. Lora - thanks!

    Margie - sometimes I wonder if that's the only reason why Mike married me. Because my name is so close to Alice.

    The Shanner - thanks :D Patience and beer.

  5. this is all sorts of awesome. your creativity inspires me.

  6. I loved the first one so much! I remember when that security device sliced the people up my jaw dropped. Great cookies, again make me wish we lived close so I could partake in your sugared cinema!

  7. I'm always in awe of you people who can do these so perfectly. I've tried. And tried. But I'm kind of a hot mess when it comes to icing a cookie.