Friday, February 11, 2011

A Beer Giveaway!

So I just realized, one year and five giveaways later, that I haven't done one beer-related giveaway.  Not one.  For someone whose blog was half-built on a foundation of malted waves of grain, this is a big deal.

With that day just around the corner, I thought it would be refreshing (in more ways than one) to show some love for the less appreciated "sheets to the wind" side and, in turn, pass that love onto you.  Not with a heart-shaped box (not even Nirvana could make that gift appealing.)  Not with a mylar pouch filled with helium.  Not with a "Shit Bitch, You is Fine" bear.

But with beer.  And stuff.

One winner will get:
  • a 6-pack of craft beer, hand-selected by yours truly.  Not that having me pick out the beers that may eventually take up residence in your fridge is any sort of privilege but I can personally guarantee that each beer will be carefully chosen with love and with your (and only your) tastebuds in mind.
  • a fancy beer glass
  • a bunch of unused brewery coasters leftover from my and Berry White's wedding

For a chance to win the box of brew loot, answer the following question in a comment below:

Do you like beer?

Simple as that.  If you love it, what's your favorite style/example?  If you don't, why?  The more detailed your answer, the better.  Should you win, your comment will help me determine what ends up in your personalized prize pack.  Is there a beer-lover in your life you'd rather try to win this for?  Go for it.

The giveaway ends Thursday, 2/17/11 @ 11:59pm EST.  One winner (of legal drinking age, of course) will be selected at random.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the whole shipping thing, well...consider me a postal rebel.  They can take our beer but they can't take our freedom fries.

Cheers ya'll.


  1. I'm definitely not a froo-froo drink kind of girl and LOVE beer! While I enjoy all types, the kind I indulge in most frequently is probably a Belgian-style white beer (ala Blue Moon). Yum.

    Honestly, though, I'll drink anything! I'm not a huge fan of IPAs, though. :( Maybe I just haven't found the right one yet! :)

  2. I love beer. I would say I am split on my favorites between an American craft style Belgian, like Victory's Golden Monkey, and a nice heavy imperial stout, something along the lines of Weyerbacher's Tiny. True, that is an odd split, the two styles being fairly distant from each other, but for me they just tend to work, and work well.

  3. I'm learning to like beer, but my husband LOVES beer. We go to Taco Mac (local chain in the southeast US) about once a week where they have an extensive beer list with beers from all over the world. He's had over 200 different types, both domestic and imported, and is always excited to try something new.

  4. I love beer, it is the one passport to the world that I enjoy the most, and one I can share with a lot of my friends. I can not say that about my music tastes! I was lucky to start exploring the crafty side of the beer genius with bottles of Sierra Nevada and La Fin Du Monde, and now there is talk of road trips to Ommegang, Allagash and Dogfish Head, plans to visit Schlafly during a wedding trip to St. Louis, and hopes of trips to Belgium and other parts of Europe.

    Without beer, there would be no Fancy Beer Crew. No styrofoam cooler with FANCY BEER tagged on it, or the story to go with that cooler. No Strontium Brown or five home crafted brews at the Berry wedding.

    And if I win, you & Mr. Berry can personally hand deliver the goods, hopefully without the need to drive through a blizzard... like December 2009.

    Yay beer!

  5. i do not like beer but i do enjoy Stella Artois. i like cider. does that count?

  6. I love beer. I also want a "shit bitch you is fine" bear. I have told Rob that though so I think you're off the hook for that one.

  7. I hate beer, but honestly i have never tried it. Why do i hate it? The smell. I really can not get past that. I prefer Rum, yet everyone else i know loves beer. The only thing it is good for is cooking.
    I love your blog, the title is my favorute part!!

  8. I'm a Hophead, but you guys know this. ;) I love Left Coast beers such as Stone Double Bastard, Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball, Port Brewing Wipeout IPA, and the list could go on. But, my favorite beer- Burton Baton happens to come from the now famous East Coast brewery of DFH, which I've been following for over 10 yrs. East Coast beers are getting better and better, Bell's Hopslam & Oracle, Victory Golden Monkey & Saison du Buff, and who knows what are boys at DC Brau are going to concoct?!

    Cheers to Good Beers my friends!
    Jacob Jay

  9. "I like beer. It makes me a jolly good fellow"- Tom T Hall. That is one of the first songs I remember listening to in my grandfather's car and it definitely rings true for me. Can't wait until I can enjoy it again soon ;) I love a good hefeweizen (as long as it's not too clove-y). I enjoy a large varierty of beer but tend to stay away from anything that has a strong coffee taste- I love trying new things!

  10. I like beer! but my boy LOVES craft beer. We are even learning how to brew beers at home. That is his biggest hobby. And I think it would be a nice VDay gift to him if I win. :)
    Cheers from Mexico!

  11. I didn't used to like beer, but then, $6 buckets at Trivia Night got me to change my mind. I'm all over the place with the kind of beer I like. I love stouts and porters. A nice chocolaty stout, or one with strong coffee undertones is great for after dinner. (Can't do them with food, to heavy for me). But I also enjoy wheat bears and in the summer I love a nice crisp light beer. (Usually just grab a corona cause I haven't found anything else that quenches that kind of beer thirst). I don't like IPA's though. Anything that's too bitter, I just can't get in to. For me, it's too much work to drink.

  12. * EDIT: I enjoy wheat BEERS, not wheat BEARS.

  13. Yes! I love beer, most all kinds (except the lite stuff) my favs are the amber ales, the brown ales, the copper ales, and in the winter my favs are the stouts and the holiday seasonals :-)

    This weekend we're brewing our FIRST batch of beer, so excited I can't wait!

  14. Asking me if I love beer - is that a rhetorical question? Like, "do you like being happy?" or, "do you like having money to spend?" or, do you like seeing fireflies dance across the african plains while getting your back massaged by sculpted african safari guide who's name you can only pronounce using a gutteral click from the back of your tounge?"

    Yes. I like beer. The darker, the better, of course. Add a semi-sweet chip cookie or brownie in with it, and you've got something that beat the african safari guide massage.

  15. Can I enter from Canada? It didn't say I couldn't BUT I'm not holding out hopes. The apes in customs would probably smash it anyways.
    I'm not a beer fan, I'll do sweet stuff, soft stuff, hard stuff, just not beer. Maybe lingering thoughts of the demeaning sludge served at "25 cent draught night" in college and my vow to never stoop so low, broke or not.
    BUT hubby looooves him some good beer, and there's a lot more interesting stuff you have that we can't get here (yet...we made friends with a local liquor store owner. Have had some funky stuff from Europe brought in!). His favourites are darks. I make fun and call them 'chewables' lol. Black Amber Ale, Hobgoblin, and he just tried San Miguel Dark from a taster pack that he's got a new crush on. Sam Adams Original made its way up here but it was a huge flop. Can't wait to try the others one day!

  16. Victory! That brewery is like 10 minutes from me! I'm definitely a fan. This is why we're buds.

    I love booze of all creeds, colors and sexual orientations. Me and beer go together like peas and carrots. My all time faves are Yuengling, Blue Moon and Dirty Ho's.

  17. I don't drink not because I don't approve but rather because I never found the taste for it. I'm such a finicky eater so not getting a good first, second and even a third impression of beer killed it. Go figure. I wish I could enjoy it but I think it's too late. :(

  18. I have a confession to make. I don't like beer. I will not drink it in a boat. I will not drink it with a goat. I do not like green beer and ham. I do not like it, Sam I am.

    Can we still be friends?

    The good news is that my husband does like beer. When I met him he really seemed to be a black & tan kinda guy. Lately he's been more into the Blue Moon kinda thing. But he's also a bit adventurous. I remember him choosing some sort of raspberry-flavored party pig for our wedding reception.

  19. I may have been born for this blog contest. It's not saving the world, but still...

    I LOVE beer. I love beer so much my man and I subconsciously picked a house 3 miles from Victory Brewing. We call it "the clubhouse".

    I love IPAs, belgians, stouts, and porters the best. And also hoppy things, so pretty much everything Victory tries because, uh, it's also our clubhouse. My fave Victory is the Hop Devil and I also like the Golden Monkey, but I'm not sure it likes me. I do not like smoked beers, and I feel a bit guilty admitting that because I appreciate the effort that goes into making them.