Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bust a cap.

Please disregard the messy countertop.  And the sad empty wine rack.  And my so-dated-they-could-almost-pass-for-retro cabinets (which I just so happen to love.)

Let's focus on the fishbowl in the upper right hand corner.  Mike put that bowl up there when we moved into our place almost three years ago.  It has since become a point of interest in our humble little avocado-colored kitchen.

If you've ever been to our home then you know the rule:

If you open a beer, you gotta sink the cap.

It had been months since I checked the top of the cabinets but I needed to get up there to take down my cookbooks and move them to a more convenient spot that didn't require a stepstool and Van Damme quads any time I needed a recipe.

Someone needs to work on their shot.

So many beers.  So many memories.  So many...hangovers.

I think it's time to empty the bowl and make room for all of the Nugget Nectar and Hopslam caps waiting to be popped off in our fridge.  But I can't bring myself to throw away all of our hard "work."

I half-jokingly toyed around with the idea turning them into a backsplash but that kind of move will get you shot on Trading Spaces.

Any ideas?


  1. Cover a coffe table with them or a big board to hang up? A checkers set?

  2. Ali, I would just get a big floor vase from Pier 1 and let the collection grow.

  3. Like I posted on FB, you could make a tambourine (or two).

    When I was a kid, we had a knit oven pad, which was bottle caps knitted together. Not sure if I'm explaining it too well though.

  4. my husband picked out his favorites, bought some small round magnets, & hot-glued them in place. he gave most of them away for christmas gifts, but he kept some of them on his beer fridge in the garage :)

  5. I like Wendi's idea.

    And seriously, if we did something similar, I'd be scared to see the amount of caps that would accumulate...and I don't drink beer.

  6. I have no ideas but I've been meaning to ask... where is the Nugget Nectar??? I haven't seen ANY of it around anywhere yet! Troeg's said they released it in like the second week of January. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

    Also... you don't *really* use your stove top THAT infrequently, do you? Oh, Ali.

  7. I KNEW you guys would have some solid ideas. Keep 'em coming :D

    Harry - I really am considering the tambourine idea. Would be fun to have around on FBC nights.

    Liam - Hahahah...I was cleaning the countertops! Worst knife block placement ever. Oh, and WF Fair Lakes only had the bombers when we were there this past Saturday. I wouldn't be surprised if the beer stores in your area had them by now.

  8. I'd get a huge canvas and make art with them...kinda like the blue moon commercials. In my head, this makes sense.

  9. Cover a coffee table with them, and put a layer of glass over them. Looks neat and makes a great conversation piece.

  10. Make a welcome mat for your patio or front door.

  11. when i require crafty inspiration, i hit up craftgawker. i did a quick search under "bottle cap" & a decent amount of posts came up.

  12. Love it, I have about 6,542 wine corks....HALP!!!!!

  13. I've known lots of people who plan to do the coffee table thing, but I've yet to actually see one. One friend had the idea to make coasters out of them. I guess similar to the way you would make a mosaic coaster, but with the beer bottle caps instead. I really like the magnet idea too.

    @Jennifurla My best friend made coasters out of wine corks, but she had to cut them, which was sad. I've also seen people line them up and glue them to a board to literally become a cork board. It looks really neat and is even better since you can still read the names of the wineries (assuming you don't hang too much up on the cork board).

    For either wine corks or bottle caps, you could also glue them to plain picture frames to add some pizazz. :)

  14. I love the fishbowl thing! I'm stealing this idea :)

    JennifurLa - here's a great idea for your wine corks. You can make a few beautiful bath mats. A great gift for yourself or a wine-loving friend:

  15. We have a 'fishbowl' too!! Although that bowl gets wine corks tossed in it. Our beer one has just started. I have a friend who put all her caps on a table top (she made the table), put glass over the caps.

  16. My college boyfriend's house made the beer cap coffee table and I was there for it. We sorted all the beer caps by color and made a collage with them. They made a pattern with the house numbers and then filled it in from there. It was pretty cool at the time. :)

  17. Here are a few ideas:
    magnets, table, wall art (either on wood or even in a shadow box).

    Or....Take some of them and make a new bowl for on top of your cabinets. or even a lamp??