Friday, February 25, 2011

Sugared Cinema: 127 Hours (2010)

3 Reasons why I absolutely must see 127 Hours:

1.  James Franco.  I wanted to punch him in Spider-Man.  Became an insta-hardcore-fan after Pineapple Express.  The monkey's out of the bottle now!

2.  The true story behind it is fascinating.

3.  I encountered a similar fate when I was 7 years old.  I locked myself in the trunk of a rental car and would have died from suffocation or melodrama had my dad not heard me screaming my ass off.  I can relate to this movie.

In honor of this Oscar-nominated film, I present to you...

127 Hours Cake Boulders

If you're not hip to the current cake pop phenomenon, clearly you've been living under a rock.  (Ha?)  No worries, they're crazy easy to make.

 Here's what you'll need:

a baked cake (from a boxed mix is fine)
frosting (canned is also fine)
candy melts or dipping chocolate

I had some leftover stout cupcakes that I was willing to sacrifice for the sake of this post.

Crumble up the cake into a bowl.

Mix in a spoonful of frosting at a time until the cake holds its shape when squished.

Roughly form 1 1/2-inch balls and place on a baking sheet.  You don't want them too round - these are supposed to be boulders.  Stick the baking into the freezer to firm up while you melt the candy melts or chocolate.

Dip the boulders into the melted candy melts or chocolate and transfer to a lined cookie sheet to firm up.

Drop boulder onto arm.

Can you imagine being trapped for five days under a giant boulder made of chocolate cake?

Worth severing your own arm over.

Happy Oscars weekend.  Fingers crossed for Christian Bale.


  1. Completely twisted and hilarious. I expect nothing less from you.

  2. I'm with Lora. Christian Bale for President! Yesterday I was wondering about baking tiny little pastries to monitor my intake. Mini cupcakes, according to Bobby Flay and his Throwdown competitor say it's hard but I forgot all about cake pops. Dude, I'm on it!

    Vive le resistance!

  3. ali, you crack me up! thanks for making these little cake balls seem achievable! every time i go to the bakerella website i break out in hives. i still haven't opened their cookbook i got for christmas. too daunting. james franco cake balls=amazing!

  4. Lora - thanks! Creating that severed hand and arm was a lot of fun. Should I be concerned?

    Margie - dude, cake pops are sooo much easier than mini cupcakes, imo. Do it for you. Do it for Patrick Bateman.

    Taylor - I felt the same way for the longest time. I swear, Bakerella makes those cake balls in her sleep. They're a bit time consuming but so simple and will earn you many a prop from family/friends :D

  5. You crack me up. Getting stuck under a boulder of chocolate cake would constitute a dream to me. Maybe heaven.

    As for the movie, it was pretty good. I didn't think it was Oscar worthy, but I do love me some James Franco.

  6. Love this! Funny you posted this - I was planning on making cake pops this weekend!

  7. Your cake pop tribute is hysterical. Is there perhaps a Rickman themed cake pop in your future?

  8. as always you crack me up.

    cake pops are so much easier to make than you'd think and yours came out wonderfully.

    i'm actually rooting for Colin Firth... i think christian bale is a great actor, but his performance in the fighter was distracting from the other characters, if that makes sense...

  9. The Shanner - have you seen Milk? That movie further fueled my Franco fandom. Alliteration is cool, too.

    Hyun - I cannot wait to see what you put together. I *still* can't stop thinking about those whoopie pies, woman. Ridic.

    Wendi - maybe a Galaxy Quest themed cake pop?

    Angry Asian - I'm going to try to see either Black Swan or the King's Speech tomorrow. Wasn't Melissa Leo's performance spot on for that type of character? Right down to the plaid bodysuit.

  10. First of all, hands off - James is mine.

    2nd of all, I totally love you for this! Hilarious and tasty.

  11. go see black swan-seriously! it totally sketched me out (in a good way). if that's even possible?

  12. I haven't seen it yet! I want to but I'm afraid to watch him cut off his arm. Maybe I'll just imagine him being trapped by cake.

  13. It's a good thing I'm the only one left in my area at work, because I seriously laughed out loud and would have gotten strange looks otherwise. Too funny! I told my sister about cake balls/cake pops a few weeks ago, and now I think she is expecting to have them at her baby shower. We'll see... I will definitely be using boxed mix and canned frosting.

  14. wow. that's so cute and innivative. kudos ali

  15. I totally want to see that movie, but no one else in my family is interested - wtf?!

    I laughed when I saw your "arm" under your cake pops - awesome!!

  16. Jennifurla - you wanna fight?! :does rapid-air-doggy-paddle girlfight maneuver:

    Taylor - totally possible. My favorite kind of movies.

    Rick - When he cuts off his arm, just pretend like he's cutting into his own birthday cake.

    Stacy - how cute would baby shower cake pops be? Little rattles. Or baby heads.

    Allison - thanks Miss Mouse <3

    Biz - maybe you can trick a friend into seeing it. Tell them it's about a 5 day (insert interesting plot idea here.) Thanks for visiting, Biz :D

  17. My co-worker was JUST explaining to me what a cake ball is! Looks yummy!!

  18. I love James Franco! IMO one of the best young actors to host SNL, so funny. I am afraid if I watch this movie I will have a heart attack, I get way too emotionally invested in stories, I think it might be detrimental to my health, lol.

    I haven't made cake balls yet, but I am totally motivated now that I have a reliable oven again!

  19. Daisy - cake balls are a disease. A sweet, delicious disease.

    Jessi - I'm the same way! I was upset for an entire week after seeing Boys Don't Cry. Same with Dancer in the Dark. I'm getting sad now just typing to you about it.

    A Million Little Fibers - thanks Alexis <3 !

  20. Mmmm, chocolate boulder cake balls and severed arms :) Well done!