Tuesday, March 22, 2011

License and registration.

We ate.  We drank.  We got pulled over.

Twice.  In the span of 20 minutes.

If this whole baking thing doesn't pan out, there's always undercover photography.

Tomorrow:  cask ales, fisticuffs and the most glorious hot dog ever created.


  1. You got pulled over twice in 20 minutes? Must. Have. Details.

  2. "We ate. We drank. We got pulled over."

    Must be a Virginia thing! Though we were less efficient and only got pulled over once.

  3. Ah, good ol' VA, the police state of the east coast. I definitely do not miss that. You outlaws, you.

  4. Hey, weren't you just in PA? My state better'd treat you right.

  5. Sounds like just another typical night in Montana! Holler.

  6. It was in MD, north of Baltimore.

    I was driving the second car, we were a few minutes behind, and when we saw police lights & a white car on the side of the road we all thought outloud "I wonder if that's Ali & co."

    And it was. Radio silence from them until we got to Exton too, so we didn't even know about the second time they got pulled over until we met up... we even sent them a text saying "hey, there are two state troopers after the next toll."

  7. And while it was implied that we engaged in merriment prior to the cop stops, I should mention that all of this happened on the way to the brewery. Oh, and that Mike was at the wheel.

    Clearly somebody was in a rush to get his beer on.

  8. Haha! Secretly cops love it. A friend shows us all that he finds, he's a youtube sensation for some of his antics.