Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well then.

That bowl, the one with the zesty tangerine tuile batter oozing from its pitiful cracks, was the middle child in a set I bought a few years ago.  When Berry White and I made the decision to not only become roommates but to buy our first humble home together, we started stocking up on items that we needed for the lovecrib.  The 3-piece Pyrex set was one of our first purchases.

I'm sure many of you can attest to the fact that those plain glass bowls are nothing fancy and easily replaceable.  And certainly not worth blogging about.  Perhaps even a bit too heavy for pulling in and out of cabinets on a daily basis.

But I really loved that damn bowl.

Its shards are securely wrapped in an old Lord & Taylor bag in our trash bin, waiting to be transported to the county landfill for burial.  Meanwhile, its older and younger siblings remain awkwardly stacked away on a shelf, trying not to notice the empty space left behind and between them.

Rest in many pieces, medium Pyrex bowl.

But I hope you don't expect me to tip some of my beer for you.  That's just wasteful.


  1. I feel the same when I break something.

    I broke my pyrex pie plate and I was PISSED.

    Like it's just a pie plate, but it's my pie plate and I liked it. It had deep sides and was easy to use. It feels like a member of the baking family is gone. Oh well, I'll just have to blow my entire paycheck at Williams Sonoma looking for its replacement.

  2. Ali, my condolences on your loss. At least you'll always have the memories of your years together.

  3. I think I'd feel worse about the ruined batter. I also have a set of nesting bowls with one out of five missing. It mocks my sense of symmetry every time I look at them.

    It must have been a bad weekend for bowls. I was pouring beaten eggs into my stand mixer while it was running and near the end I just lost my grip and the small bowl took a dive into the large bowl and got the crap beat out of it before I could stop the mixer. Luckily it was a steel bowl and not glass so now it is just warped, not broken.

  4. Dude, you're right. They are too heavy to get out every day. And mine are in the back of a corner cupboard, so it's a pain in the kiester. But I got the boo-boo lip when I thought about your other two bowls who are missing their middle sibling.

  5. Dang. No, for my homie, pour?

    Do you have any photos of you and your Pyrex? A slideshow of you and the Pyrex in happier times would be a nice way to remember Pyrex.

  6. Thanks guys. It blew.

    Jen - The only way I could make light of the situation was to take a picture of it. Otherwise, my mouth would be in perma-"Fuuuuu..." mode. Sorry to hear about your Pie-rex.

    Breadandputter - I sampled the batter before the accident and it was really, really good. Sweet and zingy. I had used up the last of the tangerines and only had about 1/4 cup of flour left in the house so a Round 2 wasn't feasible. Waterworks.

    Debbie - Do they sell Pyrex bowls separately? I can't bring myself to buy a whole new set, at least not right away. I'm treating it with "new puppy" hands.

    Margie - I have a really good picture of it holding lemon curd. I think I'll get it printed on a mug.

  7. At least *you* are the one that broke it. It's harder to forgive when someone else breaks something. My husband broke my beautifully well-seasoned, pizza stoneware by reheating a frozen chicken pot pie on it. It was a wedding present, and I'm still not satisfied with the $8 replacement we got from Target.

    Here is a link to the mixing bowl's twin: http://www.pyrexware.com/index.asp?pageId=13&CatID=379&SubCatID=390&upc=71160010185 They also have a store at the outlet malls in Frederick, and there might be one at Potomac Mills, if you don't want to pay for shipping.

  8. dude, I have the same bowls...I have a love for them- they got stories to tell!

  9. Oh no! I did that with one of my pyrex bowls when I was making chex mix this past Christmas. If breaking a bowl wasn't bad enough, it is made that much worse by the fact you loose whatever you were making...

  10. Polwygle - Oi. I'm sorry to hear about your pizza stone. A Pyrex bowl is much easier to replace (and cheap, too...thanks for the link) than wedding gift. When someone else is the culprit, you can't help but think that the bowl/dish/pizza stone would have never suffered the same fate under your supervision.

    Tessa - I admit, I might have had to enact the 10 second rule for some of that Chex Mix...

  11. I feel ya, I have the same set and I adore them..I had a HUGE yellow pyrex bowl..that held my tortilla dough, I swear they came out so fluffy with that bowl, we moved and when we were upacking..hubby dropped it..my heart still aches for that bowl!!

  12. I had the same thing happen with a get of beautiful red ceramic German Waechterbach bowls. The middle size one was shattered by a guest years ago and I never seem to be able to find that size again in the store. Damn, I still miss that bowl.

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