Friday, April 29, 2011


Between cleaning up after an incessantly pukey feline, stifling some major waterworks after repeated viewings of the final Harry Potter trailer and preparing for a custom cupcake order for Saturday, I just didn't have the time to put together a Sugared Cinema post.  I lose.

The days leading up to a big order are typically filled with a nervous kind of energy, the kind that requires just about every ounce of my attention and that can only be alleviated with a 5-7% ABV beer (any higher and there won't be any cupcakes left to deliver) and one of our 2-at-a-time Netflix rentals playing in the background.

Current selections being:

Trying to decide which one would pair better with a baking and piping session.  Hm.

Have a happy weekend, guys.  Peace, love and Claritin®.


  1. aww and i was looking forward to the Sugared Cinema. anyway...that being said, I'm a recent fan of yours ((you are hilarious by the way)) and just wanted to say HELLO fellow Potter Also...I'm not a beer drinker, but after reading your post...i might have to try some of the ones you've had on here.

  2. I always love the mountaineer who fell over. Always made my day.

    Apolo has resumed his pooping ways and I am ready to strangle him.

  3. Jonnay Zombie - Thanks for following! Working on a special post for next Friday to make up for today's Friday fail. And Potter fans are always welcome here. That way my obscurely nerdy HP references aren't lost on deaf ears (or ear, in George's case.)

    Margie - I would get pissed if the contestant made an accurate pricing guess, preventing the mountaineer from falling. Ohno Apolo! Had to go there, MCZ.

  4. Hang in there girl. I must have been channeling my inner Sugared Cinema because I managed to incorporate Harry Potter, Martha Stewart, and Butter into an upcoming blog post.

  5. Sorry about your sick kitty kitty.

    And I would ditch both of those movies and go for Gigli.

  6. I know! Ugh. Let the man fall!
    It's cool, it's who he's named after. NO MORE POOP!

  7. i am trying to listen to the Never Let Me Go audio book and it's killing me. it is so sad. i am holding off of seeing the movie until i finish the book.

    do natural born killers, i'd love to see what you come up with!

  8. Wendi - You know I'm going to be watching BAH like a hippogriff now that you've put that out there.

    Shannon - That reminds me, I need to add From Justin to Kelly to my queue.

    Margie - There's gotta be a Japanese invention to help remedy this poopy situation.

    Angry Asian - Lan, I really wanted to read the book first but I'm dying to see the movie (<3 Carey Mulligan.) Good thing Netflix doesn't have late fee. Natural Born Killers it is!

  9. never let me go sounds right for piping and icing.

    sorry bout the cat puke. never nice.

  10. We love netflix! Chocolat with Johnny Depp is a good one while baking!!!