Friday, May 13, 2011

It could be worse.

Yesterday will go down in history as a date that will forever live in cyberspace infamy.

Yesterday Blogger crashed.

Thankfully, the site is now back up and running.  But unfortunately for the people who compose their Friday posts on Thursday nights, this was a bit of a thorn in my ass.

Your regularly scheduled Sugared Cinema post and the photos to accompany it are sitting on the Mac at home with no place to go.  Sorry folks.  Although I suppose it could be worse.

I could be stuck in an elevator with a porcupine coming off of a three day speed binge.

I could be the designated Quality Control taster at the Grape Nuts plant.

I could be Naomi Campbell's personal assistant.

I could be the editor-in-chief for the National Tax Journal.

It could be Thursday.

Happy Friday, kids.  If you see Blogger, smile and give them a discreet little warning pinch in the side for me.


  1. I thought I was going to go crazy.

    In fact, I think I did go crazy.

    Welcome back, blogger.

  2. my thoughts exactly. See above.

    My post is gone to the wayside, hopefully not forever. Plus like you said it could be worst, it could be MONDAY.

  3. They should revive Welcome Back, Kotter but instead it'll be a hipper, tech-savvier version called Welcome Back, Blogger. Shia LaBeouf can play Vinnie Barbarino and the premise of the show is the same only it's based in the IT department of a blogging website.

    That's a terrible idea, actually.

  4. Margie, I know what you need. You need some sugar. Poured by Def Leppard.

  5. Heh.

    Step inside, walk this way,
    You and me babe, hey, hey.

  6. Naomi Campbell's assistant would not be a bad gig if you just practice your dodgeball skills. If you can dodge a ball, you can dodge a bejeweled smart phone.

  7. sorry..yeah that would totally suck, love rick's comment!


  8. Hope your doing well, miss your postings!

  9. I agree with Jennifurla. I hope everything is okay. I miss visiting your blog and having a good laugh when needed. :)

  10. Ali, you walk into my life and dazzle me with your amazing baking skills and then you disappear! I hope you are doing well and hope to see more of you again soon. Hurry back!

  11. just thought I would check in one more time...miss your sugared cinema posts!

  12. I feel bad for these people. Hopefully not much was lost in those short couple days.